Laboratory for "Flower cultivation"

In the early 60s at the University operated three training and production facilities" Hissar ", " Kaktash ", "Selection" , each of which is specialized in areas of production agriculture. Training and Production Agriculture " Hissar " specializes in horticulture, " Kaktash " - on livestock and "Selection" - on dry land. In 1963 they were joined UPH " Lyaur " that developed on cotton, livestock, crops.

It should be noted that UPH is not only a training base, but also scientific - research center for the development of agriculture branches.

It is based on UPH " Hissar " was invented a new kind of fine cotton " TSKHI -63", "65 - TSKHI " ( Nagibin YR, Hajdarov E.H ), "Dushanbe -1" ( Mansurov NI )

In addition, based on the UPH mastered the necessary technology for crop production.

At present the University has two UPH . One of them training - practical enterprise "Hissar" located in Hissar district , they are attached to 801 hectares of land , including 349 hectares of arable land , 79ga rainfed arable land , 50ha of gardens and vineyards, pastures and 220ga 120ga for other purposes . On crop area sown cotton, wheat, corn clover, vegetables, potatoes, beets, seasonal grass, rye, peas and flax.