Departmen of "Agrochemistry and SOIL Sciences

Ibrokhimov Nasim Shogadoevich,
head of Departmentof “Agrochemistry and Soil Sciences”, Candidate of Agricultural Science, Associated Professor

The Department of Agrochemistry and Soil Science is the same age as the Institute and was formed together with the Department of General Agriculture. It has been operating independently since 1938. The department has made a great contribution to the training of specialists - agrochemists, soil scientists. The department is one of the important centers of research work in the field of agrochemistry and soil science. Professor A.M. Mesheryakov, academicians of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Tajikistan, professors Kh.D. Jumankulov, I.E. Eshonov, Candidates of Sciences R. E., Rashidov, N. Artamonova, L. Alekhina, R. Yakovleva, K. Majidov, R. Davlatov, associate professors R.D. Boboev, M.S. Sunnatov, R.B., Boymurodov and became highly qualified specialists. The staff of the department constantly solves the issues of improving the quality of education, the knowledge of students, strengthening the connection between study and science and production. The staff of the department attaches great importance to educational, methodological and scientific work, as an important factor in improving the progress of students in the disciplines of the department. The department is an important center for scientific research and training of scientific personnel in the field of agrochemistry and soil science. A large amount of scientific research has been and is being carried out at the department.

Specialists trained by the department work in agriculture, regional laboratories for agrochemistry, research laboratories. Many scientific achievements of teachers are applied in production. Currently, the department specializes in font 740205 - agrochemistry and soil science.

The department today has 2 modern laboratories with new equipment, where agrochemical analyzes of soils, plants and fertilizers are carried out.

During its existence, the department has trained more than 1000 specialists in the field of agrochemistry and soil science. Scientists and specialists of the department are working on the topic "Study and influence of mineral fertilizers on the growth and development of crops." In recent years, scientists of the department have written 4 monographs, 8 books, 12 methodical works, 75 articles, 4 recommendations, and received 2 patents.