Department Crop and fodder production

Davlatov Salmon

DAVLATOV Salmon Haknazarovich,

head of the Department of agriculture and fodder production

The Department of Agriculture was organized in 1931; it is one of the oldest in the university. In 1988, in accordance with the taught disciplines, the department was renamed and became known as the Department of Agriculture and Forage Production. The department employs experienced and highly qualified teachers. Teachers of the department pay much attention to the issues of improving the quality of teaching special disciplines.

The teachers of the department have developed and recommended for production a number of techniques and methods that contribute to increasing the productivity of irrigated arable land. Crops of intermediate crops have been introduced into production, crops of corn are combined with other valuable plants, the use of organic fertilizers that increase the yield and quality of crop and fodder production, as well as soil fertility. Students carry out course and diploma projects on topical issues of agriculture and fodder production, taking into account the regional characteristics of the republic.

Educational practice is carried out in the advanced farms of the republic under the guidance of leading teachers of the department. Based on the results of research work, doctoral and candidate dissertations were prepared and defended. During the organization of the department, its head was dotsent Nazarkin V.V. (1931-1937) further Ivanov V.N. (1937-1947) and famous scientists Gorbunov A.I., Nayumov G.K., Kabaev V.E., Nurmatov A.N., Ergashev R.E., Komidova I.Y., professors Sardorov M.N., Litvinov V.N., Valiev A.V., Norov M.S. were chairmen of the department. From 2021 to the present, the department is headed by docent Davlatov S.Н.

In different years, Nurbonov A., Schroeder R.N., Mokin N.M., Uklonskaya A.V., Matov A.N., Muratov V.Kh., Ergashev R.E., Fozilova T.B. worked at the department., Gulmamedova N.K., Kotamov M.T., Rahimov H., Nurov Sh. and others.

Currently, the department is taught by professors Modirov Ќ.Ѓ., Sardorov M.N., Norov M.S., Nurmatov A.N., docents Rakhmatov A.K., Abdurashidova I.J., Davlatov S. teachers Alamuratov B. B., Mustafoulova M.O.

The department specializes in graduating specialists in the fields 740201-"Agronomist", 740201-2501-"Agronomist, economist, management" 740201-2601-agronomist-management and 74020101-Pasture science. equipped with the necessary equipment.

         With the assistance of the Center for the Development of Livestock and Pastures of the Republic, a new specialty 74020101-pasture breeding was organized at the department.

The staff of the department are the authors of varieties of early ripening barley "Iftikhor 86", corn "Shukhrat", peanuts "Tajikistan-10", "Tajikistan-15", safflower "Shifo", sesame "Shakhnoza", oil flax "Khisor-10", oats " Tajik-70", sainfoin "Ziddi" and alfalfa "Vakhsh-300"